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"Huge shout out to Frameskin! We just got our shipment of bikes back from USA and there's no doubt about it, Frameskin saved our frames. Thank you! I cannot recommend this enough. After doing a week of almost non stop racing my bike would have had so many dings were it not for Frameskin. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Julie-Anne Hazlett, Veloroos All-Womens road race team, Australia.

“I just received and installed Frameskin. It is brilliant! This is not your grandmother’s ill fitting plastic covers on 1970s velvet floral print sofas... It is fine bespoke tailoring for your beloved Mojo. Thanks for taking the time to develop these! Follow the instructions and the tape fits like a glove.”
Radd37, Brooklyn New York

“The frameskin kit is truly a great product, thanks to alan for offering this. I installed mine yesterday and impressed on how well thought out the kit was. The instructions were very detailed and helpful, i went for the wet application and it worked out great. I especially like the last sentence “note: beer will not make this job any easier, but that’s no reason not to have one.” Thanks again!”
Woody Keen - Cedar Mountain NC

“Alan, you would have the most difficult product in the world to photograph. Its greatest virtue is its invisibility. It’s very tough and has survived direct rock hits with no damage to the carbon beneath. The side strips effectively stop scratches and there are no cable scuffs to worry about. Easy to apply. All in all, a very good product that i highly recommend.”
David Ford, Australia

"Alan, I just got around to installing your Frameskin kit on my Yeti SB66 Carbon frame this weekend. The matte finish looks absolutely great on the raw carbon finish, you can barely even tell it's on there! Thanks for a great product, i'll be recommending them to any mates I ride with!"
Alex Tranicek, GNAR Bar USA

“I just got Barbie back from a custom frame fitting from Alan at Frameskin. At first I though he forgot to apply the film – almost couldn't see it. Some guys just have their shit sorted. Love your work!"
Zelko Gashparac, Australia

“I received the kit today and was blown away by the assortment of protective decals. Short of dipping the frame in paint protecting plastic, this kit is the ticket! Installation was a breeze following the printed instructions. Thanks! Phenomenal product!!!”
2Wheeldrift, San Francisco California

“I just received your kit here in sunny california. Outstanding work, and the price is not even an issue now that i see the amount of design and work that went into the layout of all the pieces. For all of you still on the fence about buying this kit - just pull the trigger and get it you won’t be disappointed worth every penny, quid, euro or what ever your currency might be.”
B-40, Valencia California

“I just finished installing my frameskin kit and it is awesome! Fast shipping from down under to california. Easy to install, shapes are great!”
Mb24, Rohnert Park, California

“Hey mate, the kit arrived this morning for my girlfriend’s bike. Once again the kit is great and easy to install. It’s the only product for all my bikes.”
Elliott Housego, Australia

“I have taken delivery of my protective kit including the xt crank arms. I too am blown away by the quality and workmanship of the kit. I was brave and applied the kit dry and its worked out great! A little help from the hair dryer and everything moulded in to place. An amazing selection of spare patches too. Thanks Alan!”
James Beaumont, Scotland

“Your kit arrived this afternoon. Wow i am totally impressed. I was expecting a few stickers here and there. Very professionally done. I love the instructions you gave with it... Top class mate.”
Duncan Hattingh, South Africa

"I’ll be honest, with the help of a hairdryer (and maybe a beer) the results were nothing short of spectacular... It didn’t take me long to realise frameskin is a bloody good product and worth every cent.”
Travis Deane – Enduro Magazine

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