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  • The Lezyne Smart Kit is a remarkably clever and handy fix for puncture and sidewall tears – and quite perfect for race situations. 6 glueless patches conform to inflated tyres and have an aggressive adhesive making for a strong repair. The instruction sheet features an adhesive backing so it can be used as a temporary repair for a torn side wall. Simply... The Lezyne Smart Kit is a remarkably...

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    Riding bikes is thirsty work, and that means water, energy drinks and beer and not always in that order! With a rotor opener in your pack or on your keys you can quench your thirst and protect your teeth at the same time. It also excels as a tyre lever... so get another for your tool box! (Orange Purple, Blue, Champagne and Red) Riding bikes is thirsty work, and...

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      ZIP IT UP, toss it in your jersey pocket and relax — the Frameskin Phone Skin protects your phone from sweat, rain and general trail grunge. The optically clear material allows you to easily operate your phone through the pouch. Made from ultra clear heavy duty vinyl with zip lock closure, you can carry your phone, cash, keys or credit card while you are... ZIP IT UP, toss it in your jersey...

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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items