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  • Fenders

    Amazing as it seems, when used correctly, fenders can keep water, mud, muck and poo off you and your bike. More amazing still, is they won't make you look like some zip-tie helmeted cycle touring doofus (but we can send you some zip-ties if you want to rock that look)

  • GPS/Mobile Skins

    Pretty much every bike has a GPS fitted these days... so you can Strava the hell out of your ride (or whatever). The same goes for smart phones. We've developed Frameskin to protect your screens from the grubby gloved torment you will invariably put them through. Protect the screen of your GPS or smart phone with Frameskin custom shaped protection. Works brilliantly with touch screens.

  • Crank Boots

    Trail riding can be tough on your gear. The ends of your cranks take a lot of abuse as the trail rushes underneath you and your bike. Protect your cranks from damage with Race Face crank boots. Made from a durable proprietary plastic blend, leave no doubt and go with the originator in crank end protection.

  • Cool stuff

    Openers, patch kits, phone protectors etc...

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Showing 7 - 12 of 21 items
Showing 7 - 12 of 21 items